Samtök um rannsóknir á ESB ...

Myndin sýnir 3, 4, 12, 50 og 200 mílna landhelgina.

Samtök um rannsóknir á Evrópusambandinu (ESB) og tengslum ţess viđ Ísland voru stofnuđ sumariđ 2011. Félagsmenn eru 17 talsins. Í stjórn eiga sćti: Jón Valur Jensson, formađur, Guđmundur Jónas Kristjánsson, gjaldkeri, og Halldór Björgvin Jóhannsson, ritari. Kennitala samtakanna er 520811-1090. Netfang: Netfang GJK gjaldkera (sér um viđtöku styrkja fyrir samtökin): Bankareikningur í Arion banka (Bíldshöfđa 20, 110 Rvík): nr. 0331-26-5208 (kennitala 520811-1090). Stuđningsframlög eru vel ţegin og verđa nýtt til hins ýtrasta í rannsóknar- og frćđslustarfi samtakanna. Sími formanns er 616-9070. Bréf međ gamla laginu má senda í pósthólf 1014, 121 Reykjavík: "Til Samtaka um rannsóknir á ESB, b.t. Jóns Vals Jenssonar."

English Summary, as well as some information on Iceland

The Organization for Research on the European Union, and on its Relations to Iceland, was set up by 15 people in the summer of 2011, and became a registered one on the 12th of August, 2011. Fullveldi (meaning sovereignty) is our blogsite´s name (, or Fullveldisvaktin (the Sovereignty Watch). In the Board of the Organization are the following: Jón Valur Jensson, chairman, Guđmundur Jónas Kristjánsson, cashier, and Halldór Björgvin Jóhannsson, secretary. Our social registration number (Icelandic: kennitala), in the "Fyrirtćkjaskrá" (Register of firms and organizations) is 520811-1090. Our full (IBAN) bank account number, open for contributions from any Icelandic citizen, is IBAN IS95 0331 1330 1183 5208 1110 90. Our email no. is: and the chairman´s telephone no. from abroad: -354 [for Iceland] 616 9070. Our emblem, or logo, on this website represents Iceland with its EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) as it has been from the first half of the 20th Cent.: 3 miles, then 4 miles, then 12 miles from 1958, 50 miles from 1972, and 200 miles (dark blue) from 1975, and finally secured after our victory in the ´Cod wars´ with Great Britain. The 200 miles only apply where there is no medium line between Iceland and other countries, that is: Greenland (top left, in grey), and the Faroe Islands, SE off Iceland. In the North-east EEZ there are now clear signs of some oil being under the seabed, possibly also in NE regions of the Icelandic mainland, as well as off the west coast. Iceland is also very rich in geothermal water which has been used for heating homes here since early 20th Cent., and by now also used for producing electric power to no small degree, although most of those underlying resources are unused as yet. Aluminum factories, owned by foreign corporations, make for a considerable part of Iceland´s exports, and are using low-price electricity from our hydro-power stations. The British and the EU are already avidly making plans to receive electricity from this country in a sea-cable to the British Isles and even to the continental mainland. This would, however, owing to EU ´equality rules´, be detrimental to Icelandic homes which enjoy, as yet, much better energy price than the British. -- Iceland´s wild and beautiful nature also attracts a great number of tourists every year. The up to 40% devaluation of our national currency, the króna, after the bank crash in 2008, also makes it even more economic for tourists to visit Iceland.

Mynd Unreal landscape<br />Taken around midnight in the Icelandic summer light.<br />Seeing is believing.<br />--------PLEASE SHARE MY PICTURE-------:)


Unreal landscape

Pétur Gunn Photography – saying on Facebook: 

Taken around midnight in the Icelandic summer light.
Seeing is believing.
--------PLEASE SHARE MY PICTURE-------:)


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